eCommerce Sales and 6 Ways to Increase Yours




















There is simply no feeling quite like watching purchases coming in on a routine basis and acquiring customers that are happy who like the products you are selling.

Nevertheless, it is implausible that every visitor to your website is building a purchase. This may be frustrating; it also means there is room for improvement.

So how could you get an increase in eCommerce sales?

1. Concentrate on Existing Customers. Most e-commerce companies focus all the energy of theirs on attracting brand new customers.

3. Add Video Demonstrations

4. Offer Time Sensitive Discounts

5. Make almost all of the Holidays

6. Concentrate on Top Selling Items

7. Reposition The Products


1. Concentrate on Existing Customers.

Most e-commerce sales companies focus all the energy on attracting new clients.

They drive out Facebook ads to brand new audiences and relentlessly posting on Instagram, attempting to place their products in front of new faces.


But customer acquisition is much more costly and time-consuming than focusing on your current customers.

This’s since you do not have to prove to folks who may have already purchased from you you are worth buying from.

Plus, because a significant portion of the customer acquisition process entails attempting to show the value of your Company, you can shorten this step when marketing to existing clients.

In reality, you are much more likely to sell to a current customer than a fresh one (60 70 % as opposed to 5 20 %).

Buyers who have produced a buy (or, a lot better, multiple purchases) along with you not just increase the things to their shopping carts on one visit, however, they likewise have a better conversion rate and produce much more profits than new clients every time they go to the shop.

Allow me to share a couple of ways you can concentrate on existing customers to enhance your sales this year:

Offer present clients a discount code for their following purchase.

Retarget existing clients with social media ads

Segment your existing customers according to their prior purchases and send out regular emails suggesting similar products

2. Add Video Demonstrations

People are up to eighty-five % more prone to buy a thing after seeing a product video.

This’s a hard number to ignore. If you are not currently using videos with your product pages, it is time to begin.

Product videos or perhaps demo videos give consumers a life-like look at what you are selling – one thing that is exceptionally vital when shopping online. Videos help mimic the contact and feel the sensation you discover looking in physical retailers.

In case you are stuck developing video ideas, try several of these:

Demo videos which show the product of yours in action

How-to videos which show your product being employed to resolve a specific issue in a certain way

360-degree videos which show the product of yours from all angles


3. Offer Time Sensitive Discounts

Developing a feeling of urgency is a remarkably powerful selling technique.

No person wants to feel as they are missing out on a fantastic deal, which is the reason this’s such an effective method to boost sales quickly.

Even a 5 or 10 % discount on a particular day may increase your sales significantly, or else you can provide money off on 1 of your top-selling products that are already generating revenue.

On top of this, you can also insert a countdown timer that ticks away while customers are browsing around the site to create even more of a sense of urgency.


4. Make the most of the Holidays

The final quarter of the entire year is filled with holidays. There is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, many of which offer another opportunity to boost your sales.

If you are currently failing to take advantage of these functions, now’s the perfect time to begin doing so.

Every season, the variety of eCommerce holiday sales has improved, and that is not around to change, especially as Millennials and Gen Z gain more purchasing power.

The last year, the average American enjoyed $846 on holiday presents and purchased around sixteen gifts in total.

Every year, Macy’s places together Christmas gift guides to help shoppers find the appropriate gifts.

But there are lots of ways you can make almost all of the holidays.

Why not look at things like:

Creating holiday-themed landing pages packed chock-full seasonal products

Going all out and providing the site of yours a holiday makeover

Creating certain content for the holidays (like Macy’s present guides)

Offering discounts for many holidays

Increasing the number of product emails you distribute in the lead upon the holidays

Gift Cards offering


5. Concentrate on Top Selling Items

Chances are, you currently have several products that perform better compared to others.

If you would like to make product sales fast, maximize on this particular.

By highlighting your most popular products, you are not only showing customers products that they are more likely to enjoy, but also creating a FOMO (fear of missing out).

In case they see that lots of other people have purchased a particular product, they are far more apt to want it on their own.


6. Reposition The Products

But what about the items that are not selling so well?

When you do not wish to eliminate them (why to squander cash on inventory which is not shifting?), you may like to change the way you are selling them.

It does not mean your product is terrible if nobody is buying it.

Instead, it might mean you are positioning it in a bad way. Perhaps you are concentrating on the wrong benefits, or maybe you are attempting to reach an audience that is not serious.

In either case, a fast rejig of its positioning could significantly improve sales in a brief time.


For instance, in case you are in the Company selling cookbooks to pupils, really think about if that is the right market. Are low income, digitally savvy individuals going to purchase hardback publications for their shared kitchens?

The solution is most likely no.

Nevertheless, working professionals that like to cook on the weekends may.

By just targeting the product to a brand new audience, you might come across new life together with the service.




Start by concentrating on the upcoming holidays and think about the methods you can optimize the store for those.

And then, it is a case of concentrating on your best products and customers, incorporating short videos, in which you can show products.

Do not underestimate the possibility of offering discounts.

What tweaks for your e-commerce sales method are you going to use?