Stability Ball Prone Walkout example

Stability Ball

Stability Ball Prone Walkout

Step 1

Initial Position: Lie prone (on your stomach) over the top part of a properly inflated Stability Ball (one which compresses approximately 6″ under the bodyweight) of yours with both hands and feet on the floor, hip and shoulder-width apart.

Step 2

Outward Phase: Gently exhale, agreement your abdominal/core muscles to stiffen the torso of yours, and slowly go walking yourself ahead, lifting your legs off the floor.

Continue walking away until the fronts of the thighs of yours or perhaps hips are sitting on the top part of the ball.

Maintain a strict torso so that the lower limbs of yours and trunk form one continuous line. Retract and depress the scapulae of yours (pull your shoulder down and back) as your access your end position, together with your arms completely extended as well as hands placed straight under the shoulders of yours. Hold the position briefly.

Step 3

Return Phase: Inhale and gradually walk yourself backward on your starting position.

Step 4

Exercise Variation (one): To further boost the balance task, stroll yourself further out until the tops of the foot of yours or perhaps toes rest on the top part of the ball.

Step 5

Exercise Variation (two): To further boost the balance task, raise one leg from the Stability Ball while in the static media (walkout) job.

Stay away from arching (sagging). You’re smaller again or perhaps hiking your hips upwards as you walk the body out to the fixed press position.

Contract your abdominals, also and glute muscles to keep the torso and lower limbs parallel to the floor.