Ankle Flexion

Ankle Flexion
Ankle Flexion

Ankle Flexion

Step 1

Starting Position: Assume a seated place, extending a single leg out in front. Secure a cable or perhaps resistance band around the heel of that foot. The resistance must be pulling the bottom part of your feet away from you.

Step 2

Start with the foot of yours in plantar flexion (feet pointed forward away from the body) and gradually dorsiflex the ankle joint (pulling your toenails towards your shin). Gradually visit your starting position, managing the pace of movement, then repeat.

Step 3

The movement comes from the ankle, so stay away from any bending or perhaps full extension of your respective knee through the entire exercise. Constantly aim to help keep your foot lined up facing forward.

Step 4

As a workout progression, modify the movement of yours to include minimal foot rotation as you dorsiflex the ankle joint (toes thing towards the ceiling). The guidance of your respective slight rotation needs to be into inversion (bringing the fundamental toe towards the shin bone) of yours. Attempt to remain upright and stay away from any excessive arching or perhaps slouching in the lower back.