Cat-Cow Position Exercise



Cat-Cow is an easy flow between 2 poses that warms the entire body and also creates freedom to the backbone.

It stretches the back neck and torso and softly stimulates and also fortifies the abdominal organs.

Step 1

Starting Position: Kneel on a workout mat or perhaps floor, positioning the knees and feet hip-width apart, with feet dorsiflexed (toes pointing towards the body).

Step 2

Slowly lean forward to put the hands on the mat, placing them right under the shoulders at shoulder width with the hands facing forward. Reposition your knees and hands as necessary, so your knees are directly under the hips, and hands are right under the shoulders.

Step 3

Gently stiffen the core and abdominal muscles to place the spine inside a neutral position, staying away from some sagging or perhaps arching.

Step 4

Upward (Cat) Phase: Gently exhale & contract the abdominal muscles, pushing your backbone upwards towards the ceiling, and store this position for ten-fifteen seconds. Allow the head to fall towards the chest of yours, maintaining positioning with the spine.

Step 5

Downward (Cow) Phase: Slowly loosen up and deliver on the consequences of gravity. Let your belly fall towards the floor (increasing the arch in your great back) and also allow your shoulder blades to fall in concert (move towards the spine). Hold this position for ten-fifteen seconds before going back to your starting position

Benefits of Cat-Cow:
  • Improves posture and balance.
  • Strengthens and stretches the spine and neck.
  • Stretches the hips, abdomen, and back.
  • Increases coordination.
  • Massages and stimulates organs in the belly, like the kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • Creates emotional balance.
  • It relieves stress and calms the mind.