Beginner’s Guide to E-Product Development

One potential follow-up product might consist of brief audio-video presentations that are composed of voice over tracks on MS PowerPoint slide shows. These could be done on various subjects such as travel guides or instructional courses on subjects like personal finance, knitting, fashion, etiquette, meetings, sales techniques, preparing tax returns, auto maintenance, and an endless list of similar videos subjects.

In order to expand into other markets, you will need to create a unique new product and launch it so that other affiliates will sell it for you. This is the fastest way to earn huge profits and to gain recognition. Your goal is to acquire a list of satisfied buyers of your initial product who will also buy your future products. To do this, you have to deliver a quality product, prove that you are trustworthy, and make sure you maintain open channels of communication with your market to answer inquiries and process refunds. Your first product is more or less a seed that, once planted; it will continue to grow year after year to generate a consistent cash flow and revenue stream. If you build a trusting relationship with your market from the very beginning, it will generate revenue well into the future like a miniature oil well.

Think very carefully about your Internet marketing seed before you sow it. You want to cultivate a huge garden, even a jungle, if you can. Instead of trees, however, you want your seed to grow into a vast collection of products serving your selected niches and an email list with thousands of satisfied customers. When your online marketing seed is sown properly and harvested, you will reap the rich reward of personal financial freedom. This means you will work when you want, on whatever you want, or not at all if you so choose. You will have more time to spend with your family. You can spend all your time doing the things you want to do, instead of on things you have to do. You can save money for your childrens college tuition, go on long vacations, purchase new vehicles, and finally, buy that dream home and never get into debt again.

Once your seed has grown into your own online business kingdom you will be set for life and never have to worry about finances ever again. It all starts with your first tiny Internet marketing seed... your first product, so give it careful consideration. Identify some of the common problems that people in your selected niches have, then develop solutions for them in the form of products, scripts, software, or services. Your products dont have to be elaborate, but they have to be effective. Once you have the initial concept developed, you can outsource the production of your product through,,, the Warrior Forum, and similar outlets. You may have to test and tweak your first one before you launch it, but once you have done your first one, the process gets easier. One product will lead to another and before long; you will have amassed a huge collection of income producing products that will serve you well the rest of your life.

Your first product launch will hopefully be followed by many others as you develop your online business into a virtual empire of digital products. For example, if you are bilingual, you might start out by creating a set of online videos that instruct students in various techniques needed to speak proper English using a basic vocabulary. This market is known as ESL (English as a second language). Your target market would be foreign adults who choose to learn English at home via instructional videos versus classroom attendance. Videos provide this market with time flexibility, convenience, cost savings, elimination of travel, the ability to review lessons as often as necessary, and to share them with other family members. Future products will have to appeal to these basic requirements as well if they are to be successful.